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The Northeast Asian Research Center of Jilin University Was Selected as One of CTTI's Top 100 Colleges in 2022 "A+" Think Tanks
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    On December 17th, 2022, the 2022 New Think Tank Administration Forum, co-hosted by Nanjing University and Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, released the CTTI’s list of Top 100 Colleges Think Tanks in 2022, and the Northeast Asian Research Center of Jilin University was selected as one of the "A+" Think Tanks.

    The CTTI Annual Top 100 Colleges Think Tanks List aims to launch a number of high-level and high-caliber college think tanks, and achieve the leap development of China's college think tanks in the continuous catch-up  and striving for first-class. The selection of CTTI Annual Top 100 Colleges Think Tanks List adopts the PAIE evaluation system that is based on CTTI system data to conduct comprehensive ranking from four dimensions, namely think tank product (Product), think tank activity (Activity), think tank media impact (Impact) and think tank expert’s subjective assessment (Expert) . In 2022, a total of 101 college think tanks were selected into the Top 100 list (the total number of college think tanks is more than 830, and the total number of domestic think tanks is 989), and they are divided into two levels, including 40 A+ think tanks and 61 A-level think tanks (101 think tanks were selected because of the same score).

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