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Department of Economics

The undergraduate education plan for economics (national and regional economy) includes educational objectives, general education courses, fundamental courses of discipline, and other contents for this major. The compulsory courses and optional courses for this major are detailed in the education plan for subdivided majors which covers educational objectives, educational requirements, key disciplines and core courses, and features of the major, etc.

I. Educational Features of this Major

The major of economics (national and regional economy) is an undergraduate major established in line with the development concept of new liberal arts. The major is oriented to the strategic needs of the country, and aims at interdisciplinary integration, strong foundation, broad specialization, and emphasis on practice, cultivating international interdisciplinary talents who have a solid grasp of the basic theories of modern economics, in-depth understanding of the actual economic and social development of Northeast Asian countries and regions, and proficiency in the language, history and culture of relevant countries.

II. Educational Orientation of this Major

This major provides students with a thick-based, broad-field education of basic theories and professional knowledge, focusing on the training of thinking methods, innovation ability and practical ability while highlighting the all-round development in moral grounding, intellectual ability, physical vigor, aesthetic sensibility and work skills. Since the second semester, professional training is offered to cultivate high-quality interdisciplinary talents who can adapt to the new requirements of socialist modernization and reform and opening up.

III. General Education Courses: 61 Credits

IV. Fundamental Courses of Discipline of this Major: 31Credits

V. Credits for Major Courses: 58 Credits

Please refer to the schedule of subdivided majors for more details.

VI. Study Duration

Generally 4 years.

VII. Degree Conferred

       Bachelor of Economics